My father, the best … as the Lenox Lounge!

lenox lounge

Father understands always all, especially when the troop is in low spirits. Therefore, it supplies. That man!

Yesterday afternoon says to us: “This evening we exit: you prepare yourselves “.

It could seem a banal thing. It’ s go out in the saturday evening. It isn’ t banal for us all together. It can be obviated to the difficulty of movement of mother carrying her in perambulator, but not to the cold in the semiparalyzed parts of the body that she feels to keep still outside and on it. But the great father has found something special, a electric blanket that rather than to work to current goes to batteries.

And the destination then, which he hasn’ t revealed to us until the end!

We leave towards the 21:00 with car and he brings us to the Lenox Lounge, where three father’s colleague catch up with us.


The historical jazz club in art-deco, opened from 1930 to Harlem, already attended from many legends like Billie Holiday, Miles Davis and John Coltrane. It has been also the shelter of Malcolm X.
We have had supper there, where they serve a wide variety of appetizers and entrees.
And music, naturally. Yesterday evening has exhibited vocalist the Tiffany Hall and Her Trio. I did not know her, but she has made an optimal performance and she has a truly singular voice.


It has been a happy evening, and to see mummy so glad and satisfied has made all us all still more contents.
Thanks, infinitely thanks,


~ di julie su dicembre 3, 2006.

Una Risposta to “My father, the best … as the Lenox Lounge!”

  1. UAAUU …
    Che bello!!!


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